Thursday, September 2, 2004


It's 5am, and I'm heading home from the hospital to shower and get ready for work. I only have a second, but I wanted to let everyone know that the transplant went beautifully yesterday, better than anyone expected. Jem continues to amaze his doctors (and his parents) by practically skating through all the parts of this lengthy ordeal that they expect to be the most trying, and yesterday was no exception. He made it through the entire transfusion with no nausea, no fever, no fluctuation in blood pressure at all, stayed perfectly content until about six minutes after they were done, and then fell soundly asleep.

We still have a good stretch of road left in this pilgrimage, but so far, so good. He's the most immunocompromized for the next month, and it'll take two or three weeks before we know if the new cells will regenerate his system like they're supposed to, but we're off to a terrific start. We found out today that the cord blood donor was female, so not only is his blood type changing from O negative to O positive (how's THAT for sci fi?), but he'll also really freak out anyone who ever tests his blood, as they will find female chromosomes there that they can't explain. Go, human body! Far out.

Thanks again to everyone for keeping us in thoughts and prayers. My little blog family means the world to me. More when I've got the time, I promise.

Oh, ps - there's a preservative in the transfusion blood that has a very peculiar odor, and ever since the procedure yesterday, Jem's breath smells like canned corn. I don't even slightly mind all the girlie chromosomes floating around in his sweet little body, but I really hope that smell doesn't last. I mean, I like corn and all, but yuck, dude.

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