Saturday, September 14, 2002

my hiding place

For someone with so much going on, it's remarkable how little I have to say. Two weeks until the wedding, making last-minute arrangements regarding the service, boring unromantic details. Looking for work (still), looking into school (again), more boring details. The baby does whirly cartwheels when I spoon up behind Mommy and put my hands around her tummy, which is already beginning to harden. I am thrilled about finally calling her my wife, after so long thinking of her that way. This happy is conveniently planet-sized, significant enough to somewhat gravitationally offset my perpetual unemployment woes, the worry that burns fresh ulcers behind my shirt even as I type this.

I think I need to take up daily meditation again. Restock the burners with incense and try to hum away some of the stress. Find my hiding place. I know I'm in here somewhere, and I could really go for a pizza.

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