Wednesday, August 28, 2002

scheduling is everything

While sitting at a friend's house watching the news a couple nights ago, I learn that there is more flooding in China, this time up over the banks of Dong Ting Lake. I think of the recent flooding in Central Europe, the forest fires raging in Oregon and Washington, the drought which forces water conservancy restrictions where I am here in Georgia as well as so much of the rest of the southern United States, and am forced to wonder why there can't be some way to coordinate our respective disasters so as to cancel one another out. Think how such efforts of international cooperation would unite us.

We need you, scientists! Rise up, band together, and create that brilliant new transportational technology, already. Elevate your ambitions; stop looking at it like Star Trek where we're beaming our groceries home from the store and crap, and start thinking about your planet. We could be putting out Oregon with Dong Ting Lake.

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